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31 Days of Intentional Prayer

If you're Christian, you understand how important prayer is. Prayers that are sincere are like a sweet aroma to God. Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Paul prayed in prison. We pray when loved ones need them. This new stage of life may bring on the storms that we may not be ready for, but God has already played the movie in Heaven, and we are victorious. On the other side of every sincere prayer, is God. Let's develop a mindset to balance our lives around prayer. Each step taken has purpose. Trusting in God, believing HE can do what He says, and praying with intent.

pray with intent and watch God develop great things in our life. This 31-day challenge is not truly a challenge. It's a start of a lifestyle that will open doors that God will use to grow all parts of life. Welcome to the 31 Days of Intentional Prayer. Let's get ready to have God do some amazing things.

If you are not yet a believer, or in need to help to start your journey, please contact us on our homepage and we would love to connect you with a local body of believers to share with you.


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