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Fighting divorce

As we all know divorces can be an ugly occurrence in marriage. The fireworks and shine begin to disappear and the thought of ending the relationship can whisper slowly in the ears of those who once saw light in each other. Most often, the influence of divorce can come from bitterness, anxiety or even close friends who have also gone through failed relationships. Fighting the thought of divorce is a skillset. It is when strength and wisdom is paired together. Fighting divorce is setting a persons wants aside to meet the needs of the relationship. It is communicating and understanding. It is apologies and forgiveness. It is attention to the small details. Getting married is easy to do when its a new thing. Like a brand new car, it will lose the new car smell. It can have some issues later but you keep driving. The appreciation of a classic car is strong when a person sees that it was well kept and maintained.

There is nothing God cannot fix. If given to Him, the repair begins to take place. Just as anything that needs repair, it takes dismantling, repairing and assembling back to where it once was. No problem can never be to big for repair.

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